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Rising rents are threatening our community’s ability to stay in their homes. Rent stabilization is a key element to achieving fair and stable rents for the citizens of Glendale. That is why we are working hard to pass the Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act.

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Under pressure from Glendale Tenants Union (GTU) members and city residents, Mayor Zareh Sinanyan Announces Support for Rent Control in Glendale After months of protests by community members and grassroots activists demanding the city of Glendale pass a rent control measure, on September 18th, 2018, Mayor Zareh Sinanyan introduced his support for rent control at Tuesday night’s regular City Council meeting, with council members Vrej Agajanian, Paula Devine and Vartan Gharpetian also voicing the need to look at it. “The last year and half to two years I’ve watched rents increase for many thousands of residents by 50, 60, 100%,” said the Mayor. “In good conscience I can’t sustain my old position of being opposed to rent control, and I’m announcing that I will support rent control and will do everything I can so the residents of the city of Glendale achieve that result.” The Mayor suggested a cap of 4-5% on rent increases and asked that city staff bring back a report for further discussion by City Council.

This is a historic moment for Glendale. Despite the fact that 60% of residents are renters, the city has no rent control ordinance unlike neighboring cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood. GTU has rallied at City Hall during every City Council meeting since July 7 th , 2018, with increasing numbers each week, putting pressure on Councilmembers to take independent action. Yesterday, the chambers of City Hall were again filled with people in support of rent control at Tuesday night’s meeting, to the point where they had to add dozens of seats in the lobby to accommodate them.

The Glendale Tenants Union has been advocating for a Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act since its founding in 2017. The proposed ordinance would cap rent increases at maximum 4% per year and establish a Rent Board to oversee the implementation of the new ordinance. The full text of the proposed ordinance is available here.

This latest wave of rallies and demands are a consequence of years of deepening economic crisis, petition collections, hundreds of appearances at City Hall, and various resident groups, predating the formation of GTU, standing up against rising rents in Glendale.

‘We will continue to show up until you do the right thing, the moral thing, and the politically intelligent thing by passing a strong rent control measure,” expressed Glendale Tenants Union activist, Hayk Makhmuryan. “Thank you for voicing your support, but we will be coming back until we have achieved our end goal,” he remarked during open comments.

Makhmuryan reiterated GTU’s demand for an immediate temporary annual rent cap of 4% to be voted in and stay until a rent control measure is passed. On September 25th, 2018, members of the Glendale Tenants Union (GTU) will rally at Glendale City Hall from 5:30pm.

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