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Glendale Begins Push for Rent Stabilization!

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The Glendale Tenants Union has taken the first step in putting rent stabilization on the 2018 ballot by submitting its proposed Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act to the City. We will begin collecting the needed signatures to put this initiative on the ballot as soon as the city returns their official summary.

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Rent stabilization is a key element to achieving fair and stable rents for the citizens of Glendale. As Tenant Union member Victor Garcia said, “Rising rents are threatening our community’s ability to stay in their homes.”

Approximately two-thirds of households in the city rent, and, according to the city’s own data, 59% of them are “burdened by housing overpayment,” meaning that they pay over 30% of their income for rent.¹ This is on top of the 20,000 unit shortfall of affordable housing units. All while there is a large, surplus of vacant luxury units.²

The proposed ordinance would cap rent increases at 4% per year and establish a Rent Board to oversee the implementation of the new ordinance as well as to ensure that both renters and landlords are treated fairly. Both a detailed summary and the full text of the proposed ordinance are available.

Tenant Union member Mike Van Gorder going over the paperwork with the City Clerk

Tenant Union member Mike Van Gorder going over the paperwork with the City Clerk.